Exercises for Type 2 Diabetes Patients

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Diabetes Mellitus type 2 is a widespread chronic disease which cannot be cured permanently. The only solution as you might already know, is to keep the blood glucose levels low. Exercise is considered as the essential activity to lower the blood glucose levels. Physical exercise also stands as the best solution for losing the weight as obesity is the most frequent complaint for the Type 2 patients. Surveys report that exercise has been neglected by the majority of the Type 2 patients as they opine that medications plays the most prominent role in balancing the glucose levels. Diabetes awareness programs are being conducted worldwide to educate the patients about the outcomes of the exercises and other self-care.

In this article we try to focus on some tips which can be followed for exercise by diabetes patients.

Exercises for Diabetes Patients

Proper lifestyle carries the most importance for the T2DM patients. Strict diet and proper physical conditioning are enough to avoid the complications associating with Type 2. Physicians generally prefer cardiovascular exercises for the Type 2 patients. If recognized early, a brief 20-30 minute session every day is sufficient to control the blood glucose levels and patient can stop medication if the blood glucose is in balance.

Exercises must be started at low intensities for less duration and gradually increase the reps and duration. Cardio vascular endurance exercises like fast walk, little jogging, stair-climbing are preferable. Importantly diabetes patients must not injure their foot and take enough care.

Health professional must be consulted very regularly to check with the physical fitness and also the blood glucose levels. Session duration must be at least 60 minutes upon time. Muscle stretching exercises must be practiced. Glucose level must be checked very frequently especially when there are extended workouts.

External exercise activities like cycling, rowing and swimming are the best choices as they are fun. Patient must warm up for at least 10 minutes before starting the exercise. 30 minute session every day is preferable than the extended sessions for 3 times a week. Dehydration imbalances the blood glucose levels, so drink water during the exercises whenever it’s necessary.

Exercises are not recommended when the meals are skipped. Patient must stop exercising when he/she feels shaky/weak/nervousness. Check the glucose levels before and after the work out. It’s not preferable to exercise if the blood glucose is above 300 mg/dL. Check your foot very regularly if there is any wounds or any sensation of numbness. Nerve damage is often seen in diabetes patients.

We hope the above tops are useful for you when you decide on starting working out to keep your diabetes in control.

Exercise Ball for Abdomen

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Exercise balls are a great form for of exercise to improve the abdomen muscles. Regular exercise workouts with the exercise balls can considerably tone up abdomen muscles and also help in the overall fitness of a body. These are a great way to improve your six packs too.

Diet during Exercise Ball Workouts

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The diet  during the exercise ball regimes follow the regular pattern of what one takes during normal times.  the diet is better if one includes high calorie meals to augment the burn of calories while exercising. Exercising with exercise balls while sick or injured is not recommended s this may aggravate injury and cause more complications.  The same is als applicable to pregnant ladies who must visit their personal doctors before undertaking any exercise regime or diet control during exercise as their metabolic rates may vary.

Exercise Workout for Women

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Exercise workout for women include exercise workouts during the times of pregnancy and exercises during normal times. The exercises consists of  squats and stretches and pulls . The exercise ball exercises can be more useful during the times pregnancy.  These exercises are aimed at improving the overall heath and fitness of women. Lady trainers adept in the training of exercise balls can be used as trainers to train oneself for exercise balls workouts.

The diet  during the exercise ball regimes for women should be on a regular pattern. Pregnant ladies should consult their doctor before undergoing any exercises.  The diet is better if one includes high calorie meals to augment the burn of calories while exercising. Exercising with exercise balls while sick or injured is not recommended s this may aggravate injury and cause more complications.

Exercise Ball Workouts

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Certain core exercises associated with exercise ball training help immensely in the training and strengthening of core muscles such as TVA and erector spinae . These core exercises sing exercise balls also help in the improvement of balance and overall coordination.   The core exercises are practised at the very advanced level and they require previous experience for them to do the job.  If anyone is just into exercise ball and is not very much sure on how to go about exercising using them there very basic exercises that one can begin with .Before are performing exercises using exercise balls one should follow the guideline given below

  1. During the initial period of doing these exercises one should make sure that one balances by holding onto a wall or make sure that the ball propped against something to get the required amount of stability so that one doesn’t fall off.
  2. Repeat the exercise as many times as you want so that you are comfortable with the steps and it is perfect.
  3. Always make sure to stop doing any exercise with the exercise ball that causes pain or uneasiness or something that you are not comfortable with.
  4. Consulting your doctor before starting your exercise regime is a very good  idea if you suffer from any injuries or pain that could harm you in the event of any mishaps during the exercise.

Exercise Ball Video

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Exercise Ball Videos are a great way to start with exercise ball workouts. These videos are not be followed as such, though they may be done by experts . Exercise regimes should be done personal under the trainer and after consultation with your doctorfor possible injuries and any mishaps.

Pilate Exercise Equipment

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Pilate exercise equipments are available by leading manufacturers. The various equipments help in the conditioning of the body and it is wise to add these to your daily exerices regimes and sessions. These exercises are usually done on a mat with the equipments adding upfor more complex and skilful exercises.  The various exercises  which make use of various equipment can keep you engaged for a long time and the skill set can be upgraded by adding up more equipments.  Pilate equipments are of five major category and they include Pilate reformer, Pilates Cadillac, Pilates barrel, Pilate chair and the pedipull.

These additional equipments can alter the way one does Pilate exercises. Certain specialized equipments meant for Pilate exercise like the Pilate circles add a variety of exercise that are unique to the concept of Pilate  exercises.    Pilate exercises based on mat are an excellent method to start training pilate exercises. Making use of equipments associated with Pilate exercise should be done only when you are done with the basics.  These exercises are best advised to be taken under expert guidance to minimize the risk of injury. First the basics then the complex exercise making use of equipments should be the mantra.

Exercise Ball and Pregnancy

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Exercise ball exercise has been recommended for pregnant ladies in that they help them at times of pregnancy. Pregnant ladies can make use of exercise balls to ease their pregnancy by exercising their lower abdomen with the exercise balls.  These exercises can be carried out in a mild manner. Make sure you are not injured on the process which then leads s to much more complication.

Check out the video below:

Exercise Ball by Athletes

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Exercise ball routines are followed by athletes around the world belonging to different disciplines.  These athletes have understood the benefits of the exercise balls and have added them to their daily routine. This has benefitted them by helping them to create a well toned and well fit body for their athletic pursuits.  The exercise ball exercises by the athletes are performed before they undertake heavy aerobic and other exercises which mean it is used mostly as a warm up tool.

This is a good idea considering the fact that there are several exercise in the exercise ball regime that can help in improving certain critical aspects of an athlete, for example there are exercise related to serves which helps the athlete to improve his/her serves, such exercise help the athletes to develop his or her skills with the help of exercise balls.

Athletes usually have their physical trainers helping them out with exercises to monitor their progress and to decrease the instance of injuries.  In the same vein these exercises workouts should be undertaken only under the expert guidance of trained tutors or else these could prove to be harmful causing serious injuries.  These exercises are planned and expertise on one set of skill sets should take you to higher skill sets.

Medicinal Ball Training

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Incorporating medicinal ball training into a program is very important considering the importance they have in the overall strength program the basic approach should be not to use as a routines but rather incorporate a few selected exercises and include them in the exercise regimes which help to increase the power and endurance of strength.

The medicinal ball exercises are very effective and they the various exercise should be chosen in such a way that they resemble very close to the movements of the sports.  Athletes need not spend a great deal of time going through all the exercises in detail but rather should concentrate on a particular set of exercises to improve their performances.

Using the principle of periodization should be effective to improve the overall conditioning program to make the exercise using medicinal balls effective performance of medicinal ball exercises after a phase of maximal strength training will be effective in developing explosive power.  If more strength is available to work with this can be used to convert it into sport specific power.